Subspecialized Radiologists

Working discreetly in the background, RPI’s subspecialized radiologists help to guide clinicians through important patient care decisions, support the services of surgeons, and offer innovative, minimally invasive therapeutics as an alternative to open surgeries.

The radiologist is a doctor’s doctor. Referring physicians look to us for answers and information, particularly regarding more rare conditions that we come in contact with more regularly, and we take our charge seriously. We leverage our commitment to adopt modern technology and imaging techniques in order to attract the best and brightest radiologists from leading academic institutions.

With a cache of highly skilled, experienced imaging physicians, RPI can better focus on improving and maintaining high levels of patient and physician satisfaction, customer service quality, and the overall experience with our place in the healthcare continuum. RPI recognizes the significance of dynamic, straightforward collaboration with clinicians, staff, and patients throughout the medical field. That’s why our practice is also committed to upholding Premier Health as the system most worthy and able to meet the healthcare needs of the entire family.