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Radiology Physicians, Inc. (RPI) is proud to partner with Premier Health, Dayton Physicians, and Five Rivers Health Centers (FRHC) to provide you with the highest level of radiology services possible.

The radiologists at RPI are Medical Doctors who have received specialized training in the interpretation of imaging exams. These doctors interpret all diagnostic images produced at all Premier Health imaging locations.


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What to expect

At RPI, we believe that patients shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for cost savings. When choosing your imaging provider, it’s important to know that there can be significant differences in cost, depending on where your exam is performed. Below is a sample of exam cost* information for Radiology Physicians, Inc.

*This information may change without notice. Please confirm the cost of your exam prior
to your appointment.

Radiology Physicians, Inc. Exam Costs

Hospital Partners Exam Costs


Miami Valley

Upper Valley

Information about split billing

You will receive two bills, one from the imaging location (Premier Health, Dayton Physicians, or FRHC) for all clinical charges, and one from RPI for physician interpretation charges. If your insurance is out of network with RPI please see [this document] for more information about the Federal No Surprise Act.

For questions about the bill you receive from RPI, please call 877-374-0746.